CHS SunPrairie is here to serve your needs. We offer daily, electronic marketing commentary and cash bids as well as free grain marketing presentations. We also offer hauling and farm bin probing services.

Off farm hauling

Miles from farm to stationWheat, durum, flax, corn, soybeansBarleySunflowers & canola cwt.
  • All rates include auger, vac and hauling
  • Per bin charge: $150
  • Bin Bottoms only: add $200
  • Piles and quonset: add .05
  • Less than 1,000 bushels: add .02
  • Rates effective August 26th, 2023

Bin probing

CHS SunPrairie offers the service of on the farm bin probing. We will come to your bin site and probe a bin for $95 and a pile/quonset for $125.

The sample is taken to the CHS SunPrairie lab and will be graded on the following factors:

  • Protein   
  • Damage
  • Test Weight
  • Dockage   
  • Moisture
  • Hard and vitreous
  • Shrunken and broken
  • Plump
  • Thin

Additional testing for vomitoxin is a $20 fee and falling numbers is a $6 fee.

We will call you with the results.

A guaranteed price will be given for each bin. Musty grain, sour grain and bugs will have additional discounts outside of the guaranteed price.

If and when the bins probed by CHS SunPrairie are hauled, CHS SunPrairie will use either the sample taken from the probe as the sample for the grade or we can regrade each load as it comes in, that is the grower’s choice before you start hauling.  Also, the probing fee is refunded for each bin probed by CHS SunPrairie that is hauled to CHS SunPrairie.

Samples are kept for three months from the date of probing unless the grain is sold, at which time it the sample will be discarded.

If you want a copy of the grade certificates you can pay the charges for each bin and we will provide you with copies.

Grain commentary, email and cash bid communications

CHS SunPrairie offers daily, electronic marketing commentary and cash bids. Each weekday morning a grain update is written and emailed to hundreds of growers. The commentary is full of marketing information and news about commodities grown in our area and is offered to our growers at no charge. Additionally, we send out our cash prices three times per day via text message and once per day, after the close, in email format. If you are interested in receiving our grain commentary or cash bids via email/text please email Amber and she will you set up.

On farm marketing presentations and classes

If you are interested in learning more about the several different contracting options that CHS SunPrairie offers and you need a brush up on your futures and basis skills, we have just the presentation for you! Our Grain Marketing 101 presentation provides a basic approach to grain marketing and will help you become much more familiar with the components of price and contracting options. We also have an advanced presentation for those of you who would like to learn more about options and how they can help you manage your risk when it comes to grain marketing.

CHS SunPrairie understands the importance of grain marketing and we are here to help you in any way that we can. We offer our grain marketing presentations at no charge. Call Lance or Amber today if you are interested in any of our programs or services, or if you would like to schedule an on farm visit for a brush up on grain marketing education for you, your friends or your marketing club.

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