CHS Payback feed pays you back

We can help you succeed with your feeding operation, whether you’ve got a large commercial operation or are raising a smaller group of animals as part of your rural lifestyle.

Every product in the Payback® line is carefully formulated with the highest quality ingredients and all the essentials to improve health, performance and production. This dependable, hardworking feed gives each animal what it needs, economically. Whether you buy Payback feed by the bag or by the truckload, you get smart nutrition plus expert services that deliver a proven return on your investment.

As a product of CHS, Payback is backed by services such as profit projections, record-keeping, animal health and environmental engineering. In addition to the feed staff at our cooperative, regional CHS nutrition consultants are available to help you customize a feeding program that precisely fits your practices, pastures and preferences. Ask us about leading ration balancing programs, performance projections, and water, hay and forage sampling services to help accurately balance your rations year-round.


Beef Feedlot
Beef Grower 38-13 R400
Distillers Pro Balancer R1200
Beef Balancer B1440
Beef Balancer R1200

Beef Mineral
Ultramin 12-6
Ultramin 12-6 Bio-Mos
Ultramin 12-12
Ultramin 12-12 Bio Mos
Ultramin 12-6 IGR
Ultramin 12-12 IGR

Beef Cow-Calf
Ranger 20 Cubes
Calf Creep B68
Bull Challenger R30
Milk Replacer

Dairy Supreme Premix
Dairy Buffer Pak
Calf Glow 18-DQ Med.

5700 3.5 gv
Million Ade
Safeguard Wormer
Dekade Krumbles
Aureomycin 10 gr & 4gr

Complete Horse
Horse Lic 40# Pail

Lamb Starter
Lamb Milk Replacer
Ammonium Chloride

Pheasant Starter
Egg Layer
Fryer Ration
Oyster Shells

Champions Choice Salt
White Loose & Block
Trace Mineral Loose & Block
Trace Mineral w/ Eddi Loose & Block
Cobalt Blocks
Sulfur Blocks

Bulk Feed
Bull Challenger
Calf Creep
Head Start

On Farm Drops Available
Forager Pro 40
We also have Mineral Feeders and Lick Tanks!

Smart Lic Tubs
MinLic IGR
AP 18
NE 22
NE 30
Stress 22w/Bio Mos

Pet Foods
Country Vet Dog Food
Country Vet Cat Food
Country Vet Dog Biscuits
Rabbit Crunchies

Other Items we carry for your operation
Diamond VXP Yeast
Calcium Carbonate
Cracked Corn
Soybean Meal
Barn Lime
Lots O Lass
Vita Pak
Haylage Balancer
Bloat Guard Block
Rust Buster
Solar Cubes X Course

CHS SunPrairie offers a program where we set up a tank on your operation, which allows you to receive liquid feed delivered directly to you. We have a variety of different blends available to meet all of our your operation’s needs.

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